Prezakias by Bram Van Meervelde.

Bram Van Meervelde's publication Prezakias contains collection of 61 drawings based on real observations of street images from Athens. Prezakias, literally translated"Junkie", contains fleetingly painted drawings depicting drug users, scenarios that Van Meervelde saw during a long stay in Athens.

Published in an edition of 100. 2019.

The Other Side Of The Street by Nanna Sofie Reseke.
A book containing illustrations about the other side of the street in which the author used to live. In the apartment across of that street once lived a man, until one day he left.

24 page graphic novel, risograph, edition of 80, 2019

Polo by Sarah Hermans

Sarah Hermans publication ‘Polo’ a 24-page booklet existing of 12 A3 poster containing stills from a film under the same title. It was produced during her residency at FLACC, Genk. In 'Polo’ she follows her Brother who is fulfilling a dream of building a car.

Published in 2019, very limited, be fast and smile.

Memory Maker by Stef Renard.

‘Memory maker’ is part of a bigger series under the same name where Stef Renard plays with the notions of skateboarding, but rather focuses on the moments and sites outside the action. These sites are not necessarily the skateboard spots - the photographed neighborhoods are located in the town where he grew up and where he became a skateboarder. The architecture of the houses are of a particular kind, yet difficult to describe, as their styles and eras vary a lot. Dating from the 50’s to the 80’s, they serve as a symbol of many pasts and different upbringings.

48 pages with 10x15cm removable inkjet print on cover.
Published in an edition of 50. 2019.

Crypte by Nick Geboers

Crypte contains a series of photographs that deal with the gesture of carving/stabbing/cutting. The main body of images consist of wall surfaces which date back to the 11th century and show traces that were made over several time periods. The surfaces were initially photographed to retrace several layers of images, texts and symbols. As a tool to study this archaeological site, the crypt underneath The Saint Peter's Church in Leuven (Sint-Pieterskerk, Leuven).

Published in an edition of 64, 16 pages, 37,9cm x 28,5cm, 2019.

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